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Elevate your packaging with Peel & Adhesion testing

  • When: 28 August 2024  - 11AM (EST) / 4PM (BST)
  • Cost: Free to attend (Registration required)
  • Where: Virtual - GoToWebinar

Adhesion strength is a key factor in packaging, providing reliability and durability for a wide range of products.

Whether it's ensuring that a shipping box remains sealed during transit or that labels stay firmly attached to containers, the ability of an adhesive to resist peeling is crucial for manufacturers.

Adhesives are integral to everyday packaging and can often be overlooked until a failure occurs, like a grocery bag tearing in the parking lot.

This webinar with a live demonstration will focus on the importance of peel and adhesion strength testing, and the methods used by manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of their packaging products.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of adhesion strength testing: Understanding the critical role of adhesion strength in corrugated packaging, container labels, and other packaging materials.
  • Types of adhesion strength testing: An overview of ASTM D3330 (180° Peel Testing) and ASTM D1876 (T-Peel Testing) and their applications in packaging.
  • Industries where adhesion testing is critical: Highlighting the sectors that rely heavily on strong adhesion, including packaging, label and adhesive manufacturing, and bottling.
  • Best methods of adhesion strength testing: Exploring the various methods (manual, motorized, or automated) used in the industry to measure adhesion strength.
  • Live demonstration: A practical demonstration of all three types of tests using a motorized tester.

Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals in plastics and packaging
  • Label and adhesive manufacturers
  • Bottling and container producers
  • Corrugated cardboard manufacturers

Moses da Rocha
Product & Applications Manager

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