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Elevate your packaging with Edge Crush & Carton Crush testing

  • When: 25 July 2024  - 11AM (EST) / 4PM (BST)
  • Cost: Free to attend (Registration required)
  • Where: Virtual - GoToWebinar

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar on Edge Crush Testing (ECT) and Carton Crush Testing (CCT), the gold standards in packaging strength assessment.

The Edge Crush Test (ECT) and Carton Crush Test (CCT) are codified international test methodology. They are used in the packaging industry to assess the strength and durability of corrugated boxes or paperboard materials and others. The ECT and CCT determine the maximum compressive loading corrugated boxes, cardboard and paperboard material can withstand before the onset of collapse.

Both tests are used to determine the sample’s capacity to withstand loading forces, simulating the stresses experienced during stacking and transportation.

The ECT and CCT usually measure:

  • The force when the sample is compressed to a certain displacement.
  • The deflection when the sample is compressed to a known force.
  • The point of deformation or failure when the sample is compressed.

This live webinar will address all three types of tests using a motorized tester. 

What you’ll learn in the webinar and live demonstration:

  • Overview of Edge Crush and Carton Crush Testing
  • Types of tests (force at known deflection, deflection at know force and point of deformation)
  • Selecting the ideal tester
  • Selecting the ideal test fixtures
  • Factors that affect repeatability and consistency

Who should attend? 
Manufacturing, production and quality managers, and engineers involved in: 

  • Paperboard material manufacturers
  • Corrugated cardboard and carton manufacturing

Moses da Rocha
Product & Applications Manager

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