Rice Texture Analyzer - cooked rice in blue pot

Rice Texture Analysis

  • When: 23 November 2023  - 3PM Singapore Standard Time / 7AM GMT
  • Cost: Free to attend (Registration required)
  • Where: Virtual  - GoToWebinar

Rice is a staple food for billions of people worldwide, and its quality is intrinsically linked to its texture. 

Understanding and optimizing rice texture is vital for ensuring consumer satisfaction, product consistency and culinary success. Rice producers use texture analysis to understand the way cooking and preparation, grain type, and harvesting conditions affect the served food quality reaching the consumer.

This quest for texture excellence involves a myriad of tools and techniques to ensure that each batch of rice meets predefined quality parameters. It enables rice you to assess parameters like hardness, adhesiveness and cohesiveness, which directly influence the end product's texture.

Consistency is key, and any deviation can result in variations in texture and taste, impacting consumer satisfaction.

In this webinar, we will explore the following key topics:
  • Understanding texture testing in rice.
  • What texture testing methods are most appropriate for rice?
  • How does texture testing reduce costs and guarantee quality?
  • Texture Testing: The key to customer satisfaction.

Please join if you’re:
  • Rice producer
  • Rice importer or exporter
  • Research & Development professionals

Whether you are a rice producer, food scientist, researcher, rice industry professional, or simply curious about rice texture, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you achieve excellence in rice-related applications.
Ryan Kam

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